How to catch a kitten?

topic posted Tue, August 29, 2006 - 7:46 AM by  Lisa Eirene
There's a couple stray kittens that we're trying to catch to find homes. So far, we've been unsuccessful. Any suggestions? We tried a live cage and I think the kitten is too tiny because the trap doesn't close when he goes in there. He's too fast to catch too.
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Lisa Eirene
  • Awhile back I was trying to get a kitten and at first I couldn't get him with the live trap. He was pretty smart, but eventually he messed up and triggered it.

    I put a piece of newspaper over the part they step on...not sure if that would help but I really don't know any other way to get them except the live trap....they are too fast to catch and it just makes them more afraid of people to keep chasing them.
  • I have had great success in catching cats by leaving a cat carrier with its door wide open near the cat you are to catch. But you gotta put an open can of tuna at the back of the carrier. This smell is so strong to them, sometimes, irresistable. Sit outside with them, so you can reach the carrier door, once they are inside. You want them to be comfortable with your presence nearby too. Trust is involved as well. Be patient... this has always worked for me.

    Good luck with catchin the little guys!
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    "We tried a live cage and I think the kitten is too tiny because the trap doesn't close when he goes in there. "

    Sounds like you need to modify it so that it has a "hair trigger".

    Does this trap use some sort of floor plate that acts as the trigger; sets off when animal steps on it?

    You will have to be inventive, but maybe you can modify it somehow.
    What if:
    You take a plastic measuring cup and place it on the trigger plate and then slowly fill it with water from a garden hose.
    When the trap is triggered, immediately remove hose and note how much water was required. Be consistant with where you place the cup (maybe center and far end of trigger plate).
    Then empty a little so measuring cup holds just a few ounces less than the trigger weight and carefully reset (after placing your bait).

    good luck - keep us posted

    (remember to check trap on a regular basis)
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      Put food in a cat carrier and let the kitten get used to you being nearby without attempting to catch it the first couple of times.
      If you put a blanket in the carrier it might stay awhile and fall asleep in it.
      Or you can find the village or neighborhood cat person to catch it for you.
      kities will eventually come a little closer if you feed then call kitty kitty each time you put food out .
      After a very short time they will come running when they hear you.
      • You can do the same thing with the live trap...just keep feeding them in the trap until one day they will eventually trip it.

        You might even get both of them in there at the same time.

        When you set the trap, make sure that the mechanism that releases...the part they trip when they step on the balanced in such a way that it is like a "hair trigger"...if your trap is anything like mine you can do that. And the newspaper covering the plate so they don't SEE the plate and just walk around it. That's probably what they are doing if they are little enough.
        • Hey...let us know what happens, please..;o)
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            I would be afriad it might shut down one while the other triggers it.
            I tend to worry about things.
            • We're getting a trap tonight. We'll see how it goes. 3 of the 4 kittens are together again. I'm glad the little one isn't alone anymore. His crying was making me sad!! The grey one is my favorite and he's gotten more used to me. He doesn't run when I come near. But he still doesn't let me catch him.

              I put the cat carrier outside with a towel in it and a bowl of wet food. They are getting more used to going inside the carrier to eat. We'll see how it works out! Thanks for the advice! (And if anyone in Portland-Vancouver is looking for an adorable kitten, let me know!)
              • If they are big enough to run away, they are not really, really young kittens....right?

                Kate I've trapped a bunch and that's never happened...;o) Maybe it's possible. I've had the thought myself, but never heard of that. I have gotten two at once.

                Maybe you'll be able to get them in the carrier, especially if they fall asleep. At least the grey one. I only got one cat that way and it was a stray...not really feral so it let me shut the carrier door. If they are too freaky they will run at the first sign of movement near the carrier...

                If you take them home and put them in a crate you'll be surprised at how tame they'll get, pretty quickly. I always keep them in the crate until they are good and socialized. Put food, water and a box in there for them...also, you can moniter their potential health problems better, too.
                • Two kittens have been caught! We got two traps from the Feral Cat Coalition and caught two of the 4 kittens yesterday. One of them was *extremely* angry and would hiss, growl and attack the cage. The other one just seemed terrified. :( We took them to this woman in town that saves kittens and cats and finds them homes. She's great. So I think they will find good homes and have a much better life than living stray. There are 2 more kittens we need to catch. I think they're both terrified (we haven't seen them since yesterday) and wondering what happend to their siblings... :(
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                    Two down, two to go.
                    Good go'n.
                    "...and have a much better life than living stray."
                    I think that's a safe bet.
                    • One is gray and white with medium-long hair. The other is brown and gray and white with medium long hair. They're both adorable and have the cutest little faces!

                      The two remaining: one is a black kitty and the other is a short hair grey striped one. The grey one has gotten used to me going outside and feeding him wet food. He seems to see me and come running--but not close enough to catch! We're going to try today to catch the other two. I haven't seen them since the others were caught--I hope they aren't traumatized by the "giant monsters that kidnapped" their siblings! :(

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