When do cats stop growing?

topic posted Tue, April 27, 2004 - 6:46 PM by  IndiGoa
Just curious - how long is the average time before a cat stops growing? A typical, mixed-breed (father unknown), good ol' mutt housecat fed good know the type. The reason I ask is that Digit is just turning 3 sometime towards the end of June/beginning of July, and he's already 15" tall and 17 pounds (he reached this size at about 2 1/2 or a little before). He seems to have reached a growth plateau at the moment, but he's had growth spurts before. He doesn't have a jelly belly or anything, he's just very tall, heavy-boned and really muscular. Wrestling with him to trim his claws is like pinning down a smallish-medium-sized working-breed dog, and he's quite able to leap tall buildings in a single bound when it comes to bathtub adventures<g>...

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  • Some breeds like Maine Coons take a long time to mature, about 4 years, sometimes even 5. Is your cat a longhair? He may be part Maine Coon. Even if he isn't, he may be part Maine Coon. Lord knows he sounds like he's big enough to qualify.

    But the average Cat of All Nations takes about 2 years to reach full maturity. My cats are just about two years old and the other day I noticed that the girl had actually grown LONGER. She looks quite comical because her legs aren't particularly tall, and she has huge belly-flap courtesy of her spay surgery, so she's starting to resemble a magnificent combination of cow (because of the black splotches on her white coat), cat and ferret. The boy on the other hand hasn't grown any more for quite a while.
    • Hi, TH! I do kinda suspect that there's Maine Coon in Digit, even though Digit's momma's owner's male Maine Coon (got all that?lol) is fixed. Make's me wonder if maybe their vet left one gem intact accidentally... ;) Apparently all of Digit's littermates are ending up very big as well, but he's the only one that's a poly (his mom's a poly). I'm convinced he's "the next step" in evolution in cats; he knows all to well how to use his opposable thumbs and I swear he has a prehensile tail.<g>

      I have several pics on my profile page of Digit - I'm curious if he looks like what a part-bred MC would be...? I'm just glad that he's got such a sweet disposition. He'd be an absolute terror if he was

      • Oh, yeah - the pics of Digit (and Oddball) are when he was about a year old. He's actually smaller than Oddball in those, but he's *much* bigger now (Oddball's about 14 lbs). And Oddball still picks on him, but between Oddball's old-man crankiness and Digit's sheer mass, it's pretty much an even match. ;)

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