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I ended up getting the Trader Joe's pine pellets because they didn't have any other kind and I really needed cat litter.

Well this stuff is fabulous!!! Not only is it inexpensive but it lasts for a really long time without smelling. I used to used the cheap clay stuff and change it often. I found this worked much better than getting the clumpy scoopable stuff. I have two cats and one of them spends most of his days outside now, so that helps. But because these pine pellets never get stinky, I have to remember to change the litter....

I highly recommend it. If you want your cats to get used to the pellets, you can mix it with your usual cat litter at first.
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  • We don't have Trader Joe's here in FL, but we got some pine litter recently and it had absolutely no odour control. Even if just one cat used it, it still smelt like urine on a large radius around it. It was also quite expensive. So for us, with 5 cats that seem to have "litter boxing" as their main hobby, it was not a feasible solution.
    • how many boxes do you have for 5 cats?
      • We use three boxes and I change the litter every day. Hard work but worth it :-)
        • hmmm, we had two boxes for two cats and with the pine litter we hardly ever smelled them. However, it's a lot drier here (less humidity) which might have something to do with it. I refuse to use clay litter and the wheat litter had zero odor control.
          • Bingo. You are right about humidity. The pine litter seemed not to be very dry, even when fresh. The same happened to us when we were using the recycled paper litter. So we reverted to non clumping clay granules and changing very often...
        • I also have 5 cats and 3 boxes. I've never tried the pine stuff before. I just use Scoop Away Multiple Cat Formula and I clean the boxes twice a day. You can't smell any cat litter/cat pee/cat poop in my house. (Unless of course one of the cats is pinching a loaf when I go back to clean the boxes)
          • Do your kitties stand on the sideline, watching you change the litter box, only to jump straight in it, once you're done?
            • I really think cats live to do that. They hold it until its human has been useful and cleaned their box.
              • Ah, yes! My litter boxes are back in the corner of my utility room which is long and narrow (6' x 25'). When I get up in the morning I go straight back and clean them out, and usually a line has formed behind me waiting on me to get outta the way. Sometimes one of them will have to go so bad they don't wait on me to get done, and they jump in one of the boxes while I am "up close and personal"

                What a way to start the day.

                (At least they're regular...LOL)
              • my cat does this too. Guaranteed after I change the box he poos in it.
                • yeah, well, my cat Chloe will also need to poop right after we clean the box, but she adds a little extra love by getting into the box, sticking her ass out and pooping right outside the box onto the floor. And she ONLY does this right after we clean out the box.

                  gawd bless her.
            • Unsu...
              Mine like to help me scoop. Doesn't matter that there are two other clean boxes for them, they want in the box I'm cleaning at the moment.

              GAWD, I love these little fur balls!
  • Pine stuff is all right- but some cats don't like using it. I lived with 2 cats for a time. One of them used it- the other one wouldn't go near it. Also when i adopted my cat- she seemed very unhappy with the pine litter. So I switched back to the clay based one.
  • You and I have the same Trader Joe's cat litter story. Are you sure you aren't me?
    • Pretty sure- but you never know- I do have creepy super powers that let me inhabit 2 bodies at once :)
      • My kitties didn't like the feline pine...or any of the pellets or crystal brands. But I HATE the clay stuff so I kept trying to find something new. Finally I tried this litterby Nature's's made from natural corncob granules. It looks similar to the clay stuff but its flushable. It's wonderful on the smell (Mmmm Pine)...even when my roomie didn't scoop the box when I was gone for 3 days and I have 1 litter box for the 3 cats that use it part time.

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