should I be worried about my cat?

topic posted Sun, June 12, 2005 - 8:07 AM by  Tara
For the past couple of days she has been walking around meowing like crazy. She NEVER meows like this, usually only when she wants food. She wont stop and she keeps looking at me funny. Then I was watching her walk and it looked almost like she is trying to run away from her butt and she keeps frantically licking it.
Then again she could just be sick of my apt being 500 degrees everyday for the past week with this heat. idk, does this sound like anything to anyone? She is 2 yrs old and nothing has changed recently.
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    Sun, June 12, 2005 - 9:46 AM
    That sounds a lot like what Simon was doing when he had worms. He kinds ran around the place, meowed, turned on his butt really quick like it surprised him, licked it incesently. Are worms a possibility?
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      Sun, June 12, 2005 - 9:51 AM
      I guess anything is possible but I'm not really sure how she would have gotten them. I have no other pets, she doesnt go outside, she only eats cat food/treats. She does escape into the basement and god knows what goes on down there. My landlord has dogs but they usually arent on my side of the house. There could be rodents down there and she eats a lot of bugs. I was checking out her poop in the litter box when I cleaned it but didnt see much.
      Maybe I need to check out fresh poop? Or can cats just develop them from being sick or something? She definitely has a butt thing going on. Sometimes when she lays down it seems like she doesnt want to have her butt on the floor or something, she like, keeps her legs spread and her butt facing up
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        Re: should I be worried about my cat?

        Sun, June 12, 2005 - 3:53 PM
        This might be a stupid question.........
        is she fixed?

        Both of my cats are strictly indoor cats, we have no other pets, and somehow they got worms. They didn't behave this way, but my point is that indoor cats can get worms....I have NO idea how they got them.

        If this has been going on for a few days, I say stop wondering about it and just call your vet. Make an appointment and bring a fresh stool sample. It sounds like she's trying to tell you something is wrong.
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          Sun, June 12, 2005 - 6:39 PM
          yes, she is fixed. I think this just started early yesterday morning.
          I am going to call and make a vet appointment even if she stops acting strange. The fresh stool sample may be the toughest part, I've actually never taken a stool sample to the vet does it matter how "fresh" it is?
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            Sun, June 12, 2005 - 9:27 PM
            Fresh means in terms of hours, not minutes, so you should be fine as long as you get something less than a day old.

            You don't have to hover behind her with a plastic bag while she is in the litter box. :-)

            They can get worms just from one flea coming into the house on your clothes.

            Some canned foods have been found to have worm eggs in them too.

            Dry foods can sometimes have insects in them that carry parasite eggs too.

            Another thing to consider is she may be constipated from the heat and not drinking enough water.

            I would strongly recomend a trip to the vet. Impacted feces from constipation can kill any animal and it is a very ugly and painful experience for both the creature and the human involved.

            So get her examined ASAP.
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              Re: should I be worried about my cat?

              Mon, June 13, 2005 - 6:42 AM
              Have you looked at her butt region? Is she bleeding at all? Could be the butt glands (actually it's the scent glands). I mentioned this in a post on a different thread a while ago, but our cat was doing something similar - running around, meowing loudly and really licking her butt a LOT. Turns out her scent glands were impacted and had ruptured. Egads, it's disgusting!! Take your kitty to the vet now!!
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    Mon, June 13, 2005 - 7:52 AM
    Now she has thrown up 3 times in less than 24 hours. I made an appointment with the vet today. They mentioned getting a urine sample, but thats going to be impossible since I'm at work all day and cant leave early enough to try to get one.
    They mentioned a possible urinary tract infection.

    I have looked at her butt, as much as she'll let me, there is no bleeding but she definitely seems "sensitive" down there. She's been hiding under the bed too. :O(
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      Mon, June 13, 2005 - 1:19 PM
      my kitty has been fixed for a year now and still does the meowing loudly when there is a male kitty out about outside... mine are also indoor kitties only.

      just a thought. hope she is all better

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      Tue, June 14, 2005 - 9:02 PM
      Please get her to the vet asap.
      Urinary tract infections are very dangerous in pusscats...
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        Wed, June 15, 2005 - 8:28 AM
        Dreamer, My kitty just growls when there are cats, squirrels, chipmunks, etc outside, she is an animal hater. Cept the bears, she runs and hides under the bed when they're outside.

        Meka, I did take her and the vet found nothing wrong with her, she ate a nasty bug and we think its possible that was it!
        Take a look------>

        She is definitely feeling better after the meds, she was running around the house last nite like her normal maniac self.

        Thanks again for everyone's thoughts, concerns and advice!

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