Weird things cats eat

topic posted Fri, June 11, 2004 - 8:13 PM by  Lokifreign
I had a cat that desired only corn and lettuce. She was a runt, and she talked a lot.
  • Bukky jumped up on the table and ate some rice and beans while I wasn't looking the other night. He looked like he was really enjoying it!
    • One of my girls loved rice with soy sauce. She even had her very own rice bowl.
      • crickets and daisies.
        And my little one loves pickles.
        • My orange tabby will try to eat ANYTHING that's laying on the floor. He especially loves carpet fuzz off the scratching post. He also loves the smell of mint toothpaste, so whenever I brush my teeth, he wants to kiss me. My husband and I have affectionatly nick-named him "The Dirt Devil".
          • Oh, they both also love anything that's a plant. We can't keep flowers or anything like that inside because they will mistake it for a kitty salad bar. We tried catgrass in a couple nice indoor planters, but after they get done eating it, they like to play in it and dig out all the particles onto the floor. Everytime we've grown it, they made a HUGE mess.
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              I just finished my nice Saturday morning snack--the New York Times blue plastic bag. I also love couscous, oatmeal (dry powder, although I am not allowed to eat it), buttered toast crumbs and crumbled butter cookies.

              I also eat the ends off Q-tips and enjoy eating the feathers and down that come out of old pillows. My late sister Lupin used to eat house dust that Mum swept off the floor.

              We ate all the plants and now there are none.
              • Piper says: ooohhh string! yarn, any errant food left out on the counter: waffles and pork chops and anything that is bigger than my head is fair game; dirt, leaves from outside, the aloe vera plant, paper, curling ribbon, that lady who feeds me's ankles... but I am not as bad as the cat formerly known as "the Land Hoover"
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    My gay cat loves broccoli, he will tear at the bag to get at it, then plays fetch with it. The truly frightening thing is that he like the taste of our lube.
  • I have one cat that loves corn and mashed potatos and another that is a carb freak - crackers and french bread are her favorites.
    • I couldn't understand why my ear plugs kept disappearing til one mornng I woke up with my cat trying to eat one of them.
      • lol!
        • smokey loves dried peaches and berry smoothies. Kachina love melon water and smoothies too, so now smoke wont eat smothies :)
          • My cat keeps trying to eat tape and tags from power cords...not the cords themselves, just the tags.

            He also likes ice cream and popcorn. And potato chips. And catnip. ;)
            • The nastiest thing was when I caught my old roommate’s cat eating my clove cigarettes. No matter where I put them, he found them. I actually had to quit cloves in order to make him stop.
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                my stepdad's cat, taser, likes to chew plastic bags. my cat, superfrank, likes to eat the green plastic "grass" from easter baskets.
                • Oh, mine too. Don't let the cat eat that stuff, it'll tear up their insides! Very dangerous stuff!
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                    my little snobby cat goes absolutely crazy for anything with pepper on it, strawberry leaves (not the berry, just the leaves and stem...), and gluten. We don't let her have the gluten. OH! and COFFEE!!! the vet said we could give her little drops, but she goes so psycho!
                    My obese guy eats the wrappers to my feminine products. He digs them out of trash, even if you hide it at the bottom! gross!
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                    Seriously! One of my cats apparently likes thread - I came home to find a string of thread spread all over my apartment. I followed the end to my cats mouth... That was a night at the kitty emergency vet, x-rays, cat-watch for symptoms of tied intestines...the drama.

                    (It ended well - I took the next day off work and waited until she "passed" her many feet of ingested thread that luckily had wound up in a ball - yuck!)
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                      My cat when I was a child used to 'herd' apples off the table, down the hall, and to a specific spot where she ate them.
                      • My Maui likes melon. I mean, he REALLY likes melon. When I take one out of the fridge to cut a piece, he is at my feet, making the most piteous cries. When I give him a piece, he licks and licks it till it is dry-ish, and then eat it. He also likes to lick the rind.
                        • yogurt drives them wild with desire
                          and scrambled eggs is also a favorite

                          rumi will get up on the table (i am an indulgent mom)
                          and just watch me eat out of curiousity
                          he doesnt want any, just likes to watch me eat.
                          • When I was little, our cat would like to sit with my dad when he came home from work, and eat potato chips and drink beer (my dad would give it to him in a little bowl). I don't know how prudent that was, but it *is* funny to watch a cat eat a potato chip.
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    I have one cat that seems to be obssessed with grain products because he will try to break into cereal boxes or steal the bread right off your sandwich, etc. My first cat liked to sample all kinds of strange things when he thought he could get away with it: potato salad, ketchup, pepperoni pizza. My oldest cat, in her younger days, tried to run off with a strawberry.
    • My kitty Luscious LOVES to eat plastic bags. Her favorite thing is to chew through the handles of plastic shopping bags in her reach and then you go to pick up the bag and the handle is wet and chewed through. I have to be the plastic bag Police, she can't help herself she's a plastic addict.

      She's also a big fan of Flexeril (it's like Ben Gay) and will lick it off my skin or from somewhere I have been lying. Seems wierd to me, I would have thought the taste/smell would be too strong!! Maybe it's the wintergreen she's going for.
    • I had one cat that LOVED pasta. He could even sort of slirp it up like kids do. My 2 newest cats like potato chips, popcorn, ranch dressing, squash, and spinach.
      They got into the spinach after I got guine pigs and would feed them spinach and carrots. Well one day I walked in and found 2 happy cats and beliveve it or not 2 happy pigs all in or around the cage eating spinach. I watched as the cats would reach in and get. So now when I feed the pigs the cats get a bit as well.
  • My cat's a carb freak....anything bread/doughy is fair game....dairy products come 2nd, then meat products....she'll also eat dust, anything that falls to the floor enters her domain and is thus fair game...and she makes a 'go' of just about everything she can get her lil' mouth on!
  • ASH
    must have been a disturbed postal worked in another life.
    he loves shipping goods. anytime a new package arrives he loves to get inside the box, chew the packing peanuts one at a time, then he moves on to lick and chew the packing tape.

    loves to chew on plants like most cats, but her new joy is licking and chewing plastic bags. Ash used to be this way, but he must have passed it on to his little sister somehow.

    in general, the babies dont like any "people food" i never let them have any in the first year. Ash loves to smell each meal, but never takes a bite. Nina will only get into mom's water glass when she thinks no one is looking. lol
  • Well, I didn't see who ate it, but I did find a piece of poo in the litter box with red string imbedded in it. :O
    • so THAT'S where it went...
      • LOL! That's what I said! :D
        • Our big fat cat LOVES the 'ribbon' that is attached to helium baloons. We find the balloons on the ceiling, and the weights on the floor. The string 'cut'. Then he's running around the house with a ribbon hanging out his ass. What a sight!
          • Be very careful with ribbion like that. My cat almost choked to death on a bit of it that he chewed off. I had to reach in his mouth and remove it from his throat. Even if they do get it down it can cut up the tummy and stuff and kill them. Same sort of deal with easter grass. :(
            • oh and no tinsel from X-mas trees. same as easter grass . and my vet also said no onion (toxic to them) and no sweets esp. Coco. cat are nat. diabetic and cant really handel it. However my little boy does get a lick of 2 of ice cream once in awhile
              • Sorry Mer, cats are NOT "naturally diabetic". I have a diabetic cat and this is the first kitty I have had out of 20 or so in my lifetime that has been. Please don't spread misinformation. Check your facts before making a grand statement like that, especially in a forum like this where people are going to belive you, unless they do their own research or are informed and educated. Most cats with diabetes have type 1, which is genetic, i.e. heriditary. Cats & dogs are very close to humans in their metobolism and anatomy. Why do you think they use them for product testing? Same with dogs. They get many of the same diseases we do.
                Yes, cats, any pets, shouldn't be given candy at all - dogs and cats are carniverous so really treats should never be candy and beer and popcorn. Mostly it is because they are not used to eating it and they do not metobolize it the exact same way as us, mostly, it makes them have the runs and stomach issues. Please don't let your pets eat it on purpose. That is just bad pet ownership. I knew a guy whos dog used to push over beers left on the floor and drink it, at a party once, he died of alcohol poisoning because everyone thought it was so cute the dog would drink their alcoholic drinks. They all laughed when he threw up and the next morning when the dog didn't come to being called, they found him laying in a pool of vomit, dead. This guys wife was so mad she took it to the vet for an autopsy to verify it was alcohol poisoning and made her husbands friends pay for the vet bill and the cremation! Seriously. They all paid it too and learned a hard lesson.
                • Apologies for my rant - I love my kitties and hate to read about people that think it is okay to let their cats eat things they shouldn't.

                  A weird thing my cats eat is cooked spagetti - they lick it across the floor until it stops then suck it up with thier tongues sticking out. It's pretty funny...
                • ::They all laughed when he threw up and the next morning when the dog didn't come to being called, they found him laying in a pool of vomit, dead. This guys wife was so mad she took it to the vet for an autopsy to verify it was alcohol poisoning and made her husbands friends pay for the vet bill and the cremation! Seriously. They all paid it too and learned a hard lesson.::

                  I would have divorced--but then I would never be married to a juvenile jerk like that--yeah sorry for ranting.

                  Btw the person you replied to said that coco should not be eaten because of diabetes. That is also incorrect. It contains caffeine but mostly a caffeine-similar chemical, theobromine, that dogs and cats cannot process out of their bodies the way we can. It will cause, among other things, disruption to the heart.


                • I also don't want to start an argument with you, but there is an ocean of degree between an occassional cookie for Rover, or piece of popcorn or lick of ice cream for Gingerkitty and then allowing your pets to consume alcohol or coffee or cocoa etc. I would put coffee and cocoa in the "maybe this person needs to learn more about pet diets and stuff toxic to pets before something terrible happens," but anyone who deliberately let their pets drink alcohol (and laughs about pets getting drunk, or getting high/stoned on other drugs that humans use) is pretty low on the Darwinian evolutionary scale.

                  We can talk about the better diets and what should be in the diets of our pets without getting into the "should never."

                  My previous kitty lived well for 19 years and that was with enjoying a teaspoon of ice cream now and then, a piece of challah, a date or chunk of ripe banana or even a peeled grape or a raisin (before I learned grapes were a no no).
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                    "I also don't want to start an argument with you"

                    You aren't. I have a 17 year old cat, Clint, that has eaten all sorts of weird things in his lifetime. Bugs mostly, and always that occasional piece of cookie dough that drops of the counter that I didn't catch before he could chow it down. My good old dawg, SanDee, ate whatever she could, especially trash and lived to be 14. All I was saying was that no one should give their pet anything they know to be damaging to them. No worries, we don't need to argue or anything...
  • Kumo has recently developed a taste for chewing on Barbie doll hands. I have a small collection, and he cannot resist chewing on the plastic hands. Never the feet -- just the hands!
    • Huevito: very fond of metal...aluminum tubing on chairs, my bronze sculptures and/or sprues and vents, pens, any fastening on a shirt or jacket, particularly zipper tabs.

      Pinball: melon, apricots, apples, pears, tofu, berries, the water off my legs after a shower, any lotion I might be wearing. And although she doesn't chew on me, very fond of stuffing her face into my armpit and remaining there inhaling deeply until I can't take it anymore. Also fond of licking sweaty pits--mighty tickly when one is sleepy in bed. Oh, and dried flowers/petals from just about anything...even orchids.
  • My Maine Coon, Rigby, will eat tissue paper of any kind: toilet paper, kleenexes, paper towels, napkins. And the handles off of plastic bags like you get at Walmart. Actually, he'll ingest the whole bag if I don't keep them well put away. He will also try and get at...ahem...women things. Those have to be well policed as well.

    The kleenex box in my house is upside down and the toilet paper cannot hang on the roller. It's in a closet. The napkins are in a drawer and he hasn't really bothered the paper towels as he pretty much knows he's not supposed to be on the counter anyway. And I do try very hard to keep those plastic bags out of his reach as well. The people who had this house before me had childproofed a lot of the cabinets, which is a good thing with Rigby around. I had childproofed most of my cabinets in my apartments as well.

    Oh, and yes, he's a Maine Coon, which is a large breed of cats. He's long, very. But he only weighs 11 pounds. He's not as interested in cat food, though he does it eat. Just not much.

    He's the quirkiest cat I've ever had.

  • my kitten Squee seems to really get into biting my lovers and my nipples.
    she loves curry, soy milk, and my salads. only if they're mien tho.
    Meep is relatively ok with eating just cat food.
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    ...loved to eat anything I was eating. She insisted
    and demanded.

    She loved steamed broccoli, roasted garlic, marinara
    sauce, and would eat cooked spaghetti off the
    plate or in the air if held between the fingertips
    for her to slurp. The garlic was great because it
    really kept fleas away!

    She would pull long apple peels out of the trash
    to crunch and suck. She would eat artichoke leaves
    just like we do if I held the leaf firmly enough.

    Missy loved cantalope. She would eat banana, too,
    but it always made her throw up. I would have to
    bite grapes in half for her to eat them at all.

    She would eat corn right off the cob like a
    human - row after row - if you held the cob,
    and was known to pull cobs out of the trash
    to chew the ends off (and then throw them up
    for me to find - ewww). Captain Crunch, oatmeal,
    wild game, rice, peas, cooked carrots, cooked
    spinach. Jambalaya, crawfish pie, file gumbo.

    Swear to dog!

    Missy used to come up and sip out of my coffee
    when I would sit on the floor to read the paper.
    After a few years of these periodic sneak attacks,
    I finally dumped out her water and put the
    coffee in there for a couple of hours. She never
    sipped my coffee again!

    Missy died at 11 or so from FiV (not eating weird

    Dobson, 4 months, is looking and acting a bit
    like Missy - he likes pistachios and almonds.
    He slurps down carrot juice like it is the best
    thing ever. Not too interested in onions and
    attacks basil and mint (evil herbs!). He's
    eaten mango, marshmallow and if you give him
    a stale baguette end, it keeps him occupied for
    hours - killing and eating his wheaty prey.

    I fear he is just getting started and he is
    routinely interested in trying new things. Like
    the tasty bites brand eggplant dish that my
    housemate left on the table overnight. *slurp*

    Carmine (now about 8-10) has only recently started
    eating bits of meat -- he's mostly a catfood cat,
    but will eat raw fish and canned tuna for cats.

    If he catches a mouse, he'll eat the head first.

    Both Dobson and Carmine will eat mini blind cords.
    I'm not sure why. Boy cat thing?
  • It seems every cat I've ever had ate at least one weird thing. I currently have a cat that loves Good N Plenty candy......and she and her brother are the pickiest eaters ever. They only like one flavor of one brand of dry cat food. They wont eat any other human food including steak, shrimp, crab, tuna, hamburger, chicken, giblets.....and none of those fancy little cans of cat food either. The brother likes to chew on plastic bags. He loves to put hundreds of little teeth marks in them.....but doesn't really swallow. I had another cat that loved to eat socks. He was Siamese. We had another Siamese cat that loved green olives....with pimento. I use to give him his own martini glass. He would play with it and rub on it for awhile before he would eat it.

    I love that cats are different.....and mysterious. No way to ever figure them out.
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      bacon, pickles, and turkey.

      my other cat swears by the baked lays potato chips.

      how peculiar.
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        she just ran off with my steak! what a little carnivore!
        • my little Pixie is quite fond of
          *any piece of chicken she can try to snatch off my plate
          *i have to wear a bandanna to sleep because she is always in my hair

          *Butterscotch and Snowflake and their mother Spooky all have the incessant need to lick plastic bags and the tint on my window and my window blinds as well as tortilla bits and along with little Rudie and their old auntie Shadow, they love to come after my ice cream to the point where i cannot sit down anywhere to eat the stuff without it turning into an unruly mob-scene
          • The licking plastic bags thing is actually not uncommon--cats like petroleum products. In fact hairball medicine is just white petroleum jelly with malt flavoring, and the malt flavoring is superfluous because cats don't seem to have what it takes to taste sweets. Most cats will eat petroleum jelly quite readily without flavoring. Most of mine have and do.

            I've had cats who would eat cantaloupe and watermelon, and that's not uncommon, either. The meezers come running whenever I fix salad--they MUST have a leaf of romaine. Sometimes they eat it, sometimes they merely mutilate it. They like baby bok choy, too. Before I knew peanuts were bad for cats I had a cat who demanded dry roasted peanuts, and they never seemed to hurt her, but I wouldn't offer them today. One of my cats used to like canned green beans and peas. A cat who lodged with me for a summer while his human worked on a schooner loved whipped cream--he would knock things over, dashing to the kitchen to try and get a lick of the stuff. I've known cats who wanted those awful yellow cheese curl snacks. Some of my cats MUST have popcorn. They all seem to crave SOMETHING peculiar.

            My one long haired kitty Samantha is on some medication now and I give it to her in a Pill Pocket, which she gobbles eagerly, as most of them do. The other day one of the pills popped out of the Pill Pocket as that disappeared down Samantha's gullet. She saw the pill and she just scoffed that down, too. I was amazed.
            • I've always wondered about the inability to taste sweetness....i've been buying fruit cups and the Spooklets seem to have preference for Mandarin oranges from the same mixture over ruby-red grapefruits...also, when i was a kid, my evil old white tomcat Zippy would not touch the leftover pancakes without syrup...he would sit around my (then)little nieces and beg because they used to DROWN theirs in syrup and there was always just enough leftover batter that my mom started making little silver dollar sized cakes for old Zip, but at first, all he'd do was lick away the melted butter...then she gave him a scrap from one of the kids' unfinished pancakes and he wolfed it...but still ignored the unsweetened ones
              • The Spooklets eating mandarin orange is about the weirdest thing I've ever heard--cats are famous for being *horrified* by citrus. There's always the cat who'll break every rule. I don't know about the sweet thing--their tongues supposedly don't have the ability to taste sweet. Well, there are other tastes in maple syrup besides just sweet--maybe Zippy was going for one of them. Cats are a mystery. Somebody apparently fed my Samantha bacon before I got her, and she developed a taste for it. Now, I'm a vegetarian, but I frequently cook up a batch of those Lightlife "Smart Bacon" strips that are made out of soy, and every time I do, Samantha comes running and has to have a few little nibbles. Sometimes she won't even wait till the stuff is cooked before she comes begging--she'll even eat them raw. I suppose the Smart Bacon people would like to hear that their product gets the Feline Seal of Authenticity.
    • Styrofoam gritchies (packing peanuts). I have to keep them away from one of my kitties. If he finds one, he'll play with it a little, then eat it. And, nope, the corn/potatostarch kind don't interest him.
  • My cat, Q, eats scotch tape and plastic. He used to eat cords when he was a kitten, but has learned his lesson when I put bitter apple on them. He doesn't like people food at all, even fish or chicken. He prefers fish for cats. (He isn't into chicken much at all.) He hates catnip so much that he insists that my other cat, Boo, does not partake of such a plant.

    Boo kitty will not take no for an answer when I have vanilla ice cream. She jumps onto my lap and when I put her back down on the floor, she jumps up again. She likes to eat people food, cat food and plants. She does not like tape or plasitc like Q does.

    Blessed Be!!

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